Pastor Elvin Ferguson 

Pastor Elvin Ferguson celebrated by his colleagues as a teacher of God’s word for this generation has been serving God through ministry for over 40 years. He was first ordained and served his Pastor for 25 years with responsibilities to lead as a Deacon, Elder, and Youth Director. 


Pastor Ferguson served seven years as the Assistant Chaplain for the Cook County Jail in Chicago, Illinois. Through this ministry, Pastor Ferguson took the opportunity to be a father and mentor to young men who are seeking a better life by sharing his walk with Christ.


Pastor Ferguson and his wife Mary Ferguson love God and serving people. They both served as Senior Pastors for their church Branch of the Vine Outreach Ministries for 17 years. Men ministries, Women's ministries, summer food programs, and community outreach partnership services like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous within the Chatham neighborhood are just a few of the programs Pastors Elvin and Mary have used to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.


Pastor Ferguson now the senior pastor of New Seasons Church Chicago continues to share the mission of God’s love with others. The church located in the heart of Chicago’s Englewood community allows the ministry to continue to be a witness that God can change people for​ a better living. New Seasons’ Church Chicago continue to serve the whole person and believe that true transformation come through hearing and sharing God’s word with others. ​​

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